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             Founded in 2005, Zibo Zhongyu Information Technology Co., Ltd (registered trademark: "Zhongyu Info") specializes in bulk commodities advisory services. After years of development, Zhongyu has become one of China's most influential integrated service providers in the sector of bulk commodities. Zhongyu Info currently owns three major platforms: "Market Information", "Data Application", and "Spot Trading". Among them, "Market Information" platformis dedicated to in-depth monitoring of energy market operation and providing users with timely accurate reference information through the website, APP and other methods. Focusing on oil, coal, and natural gas, the three major energy industry chains, the platform is monitoring more than 200 kinds of products, which is an important reference for energy and chemical companies to make daily operational decisions; "Data Application" platform collects and processes the basic bulk commodities data which is large in number with complex types and low value density, then combines the data with advanced data visualization technology to provide users with big data analysis of industries, and regularly prepares data analysis report on various industries, which is a reliable source of information for enterprises to carry out in-depth analysis of industry development; and "Spot Trading" platform, relying on the mass customer resources of Zhongyu Info, builds up an online-offline integrated large-scale e-commerce trading platform, covering a variety of service forms including supply and demand posting, spot auction, and deal making, which is an effective channel for enterprises to promote marketing and carry out market development.

             Currently Zhongyu Info has nearly one millionregistered users, and is serving enterprises frommany countries andregions all over the world. The servicesare widelyrecognized bymajorresearchinstitutions, media andbusiness users in the country. Zhongyu Info will continue topromote reform and innovationof all itsmajorplatforms, to provide the impetus forthedevelopment of "Internet+" in China's bulk commodities sector.